What 1218 customers say?

I am a mother of two very active toddlers. I started my own business when my daughter was born to be able to stay home with my children. Last year, after the birth of my son, I suffered very badly with post partum depression and massive anxiety. Several trips to the doctor and not wanting to be on “depression meds” left me feeling like there was little to no hope. After all my research I decided to go with the 1218 CBD oil and I can honestly say I am back to my old self again. My anxiety is minimal now and I am actually happy again. The oil gave me some other benefits that I wasn’t expecting... better sleep and pain relief! I would recommend this product to any and everyone. Absolutely love this product!!
Melissa Allen
1218 Customer
1218 full spectrum CBD oil has been life-changing for my family. I began giving it to my 7yo ADHD/GAD daughter in September. She suffers from insomnia, in fact she's been a poor sleeper since birth. I began giving her 0.25 mL in the evenings. After 1st dose, I could tell a difference. On day 3, I increased her dose to 0.5 mL. She tolerates the taste and is able to hold it under her tongue. She has gone from getting 1-2 adequate nights of sleep per week to now getting 5-7 good nights per week. Not only have we seen and experienced good results, I don't feel guilty giving it to her. 1218 uses high quality ingredients without the additives or fillers like the other stuff out there and I definitely recommend 1218 CBD oil for anyone.
Alyssa Blair
1218 Customer
I unfortunately suffer from anxiety and 1218's oil has helped me so much. I sleep way better and I also find myself less "on-edge" and stressed out. I also use the cream for my period cramps and pain relief from my ovarian cysts which I've dealt with since I was younger.
Natalie Pi
What a great alternative for wellness! I started using 1218 CBD topical cream as part of my daily routine and the relief I get from muscle and joint pains are incredible! I love the smell and ingredients that the 1218 Team formulated as well.
Jay P.
The 1218 topical cream is my best friend after the gym. It works so fast once you massage it into your muscles. I even got my parents hooked on it. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone just trying to get through their day to day joint and muscle pains.
Leo Barrios
I love 1218! It has really helped my pain from fibromyalgia & arthritis. My knees are awful & I am facing replacement. However, 1218 has allowed me to wait a much longer time than predicted. It has also helped my sleeping in an unbelievable way! I now sleep straight through the night without waking up…first time in many years! I highly recommend 1218.
Pete Hilest
1218 Customer
We are using the tincture for my daughter’s Tourette’s and it has been working well so far. Tics are way down, mood is better, anxiety is down. She is doing better on this than any of the meds the doctors gave her. My husband also likes the 1000mg cream for his joint pain. So glad I found this product!
Marrisa Verlander
1218 Customer
I've tried several other brands of CBD oil that didn't help at all. When I got the bottle of 1000 full spectrum, it quickly reduced arthritis inflammation and as a bonus, it's the best sleep aid I've ever taken. Now, my whole family takes it.
Shawn Herron
1218 Customer
Used the oil for 3 days. I cant believe how it has improved my sleep. I've had 2 hip replacements and although they work very well, I always have muscle pain when I am on my feet too long. Being a bartender it's often. Oil seemed to work better than ibuprofen and doesn't bother my stomach.
Nick Oliver
1218 Customer
This has helped get rid of anxiety, hot flashes, insomnia and takes the edge off my shoulder pain. I need surgery so I wasn’t expecting all the pain to be gone, but it definitely has helped. I have also used other cbd oil in the past with not great results. Will purchase again.
Sara Fisher
1218 Customer
*** IT GOT TO THE POINT, **** I was walking into the shop, knees hurting so bad to where I was thinking time to retire. I can't, due to the fact, I have this thing called a mortgage. This, product so far, has really helped me with my pains and I sleep better. Some times I'll wake up, in the morning, see the time and realize, I slept through the night. Nice. All through the day, at times I'll get this, not sure what u call it but just a great mellow felling, mentally and physically. NOTE: I still have some pains, that hurt when they decide, to let me know of my age. THANK U,
Rock Farrow
1218 Customer
I must say I am very impressed with this product!! I just received my order last Thursday Aug 8, 2019. I started taking immediately and it truly is working!! I need hip surgery and in severe pain allllll day everyyyyy day!! But, since I started taking this cbd oil, pain is not as severe as I have been experiencing. I take two drops twice a day or as needed according to my pain. It doesn't fill up to the top. I always wondered if the people who write in were being honest and true!! Well, it's true !!
Maria Gomez
1218 Customer
I use cbd oil for relief of pain and this product provides relief. I was concerned about the unflavored which doesn't taste all that great so I added tangerine essential oil for flavor.
Angela Wills
1218 Customer
I started with the 1,000 mg which totally helped with my arthritic hands. Even my ring finger (inflammation) went down a size! I use for sleep and pain. This is a wonderful product. I have praised it so much even my chiropractor purchased it for wrist pain! It has helped all of us. I use morning and night. It helps immediately with pain.
Joyce Palmer
1218 Customer
I like what this product does for me. I feel so much better taking cbd oil.
Howey Sullivan
1218 Customer
This is amazing. I love the pain relief it brings.
Erica Radcliff
1218 Customer
Although it's not completely gone, the joint pain in my shoulder is now tolerable. I can actually work now. Thought I was going to have to quit working it hurt so bad. I also sleep very well and can go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. This was nearly impossible before using this product. Thank you.
Marcus McShane
1218 Customer
When taken with food, this product totally eliminates my anxiety for 3+ hours, sometimes all day. The only thing I would suggest would be marks on the dropper for measurement of dose (1 ml works well for me). Great product and the price is right!
Christine Joyner
1218 Customer
We bought the cream for muscle ache and to fall asleep easier. Since using it for a few months now, we have noticed a good change and have been sleeping great.
Derrius Baker
1218 Customer
I bought this after reading. I get headaches a lot and I have knee pain. I got this 2 pack on Thursday, was a little skeptical. I had a headache when I woke up, so I thought I would give it a shot.. Half a dropper under my tongue just like the instructions stated... Within 10 min, it was gone... Put some on my knees after I got out of the shower, almost instantly the pain was gone.. And about 5 min ago, I had a headache starting, put 3 pumps on my fingers, rubbed them together and put it on my temples and on the side of my neck, gone... Will DEFINITELY purchase this again!! The medication I have got my headaches I can only take once a day... And cannot take anything else with them.
Alesha Monday
1218 Customer
I was reluctant to believe that these products actually worked, but once I tried the 1000 Spectrum I was pleasantly surprised! I have been suffering from some terrible back pain for months now but an hour after I took the oil I realized that the pain had suddenly ceased. I will continue to use this as it has made my everyday life easier to get through without constant back pain. Thank you 1218!
Terra Mckinney
1218 Customer
It feels so great to know that there is a product on the market that truly helps me be productive and ultimately my best self.The 1218 Full Spectrum oil has been a saving grace especially as I fly often for work. It certainly helps manage my fears and calms me down.
Rebecca Hart
1218 Customer