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Odds are, you’ve heard about the wonders Cannabidiol (CBD) can work on a variety of ailments. But did you know there are many CBD benefits for golf, too? In fact, Scott McCarron, Bubba Watson and Vaughn Taylor are just a few of the professionals who have turned to CBD. So why do golfers use CBD and how does it impact them?

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The 1218 Secret to Feeling Better, Playing Better

How does CBD Oil Help Golfers?

There are plenty of reasons why golfers like Phil Mickelson are using CBD at the Masters. From pain aid to sharpened focus, CBD benefits for golf can make each round better than the last. Below, we’ve listed the five key reasons golfers use CBD oil and topicals to show how this naturally-derived substance can help your game.

1. Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief

CBD oil and topicals can act as anti-inflammatory agents and treatments for arthritis. Golfers experiencing sports-induced inflammation can greatly benefit from CBD’s ability to alleviate stiffness and the chronic pain that goes with it. 

Will CBD Oil Help Golfers Elbow?

Yes. This naturally-derived substance makes repeated movements in golf much smoother and far less painful. Instead of thinking about joint and muscle pain, golfers can focus on getting that next hole in one. 

2. Lower Anxiety Levels

According to research, CBD can regulate the way neurotransmitters are released in the brain. When you undergo times of stress, your brain releases neurotransmitters and prepares you for fight or flight situations. Golfers often experience high-stress levels during a big game, which can make an already difficult sport feel even more challenging. With 1218 Wellness CBD, golf anxiety can be lowered and any game jitters can be greatly reduced. 

3. Better Concentration

To really bring their A-game, golfers need to balance performance and pressure. Another way to think of this is being alert without overly anxious. CBD oil and topicals are great at attaining this balance so golfers can get their heads in the game before tee-off. 

4. Sleep Improvement

Picture this: It’s the morning of a game and you didn’t manage to get any sleep last night. That doesn’t sound like a good way to start a round of golf, does it? Without a good night’s sleep, your spatial relations and visual attention decrease. This includes judging the distance to the hole and from your club to the tee. One of the greatest CBD benefits for golf is that it can increase sleep quality and enhance cognition when game day arrives.

5. Injury Recovery

Knee pain, wrist injuries, back knots — golfers are prone to experiencing aches and discomfort after a day at the course. These ailments can really influence a golfer’s abilities during tee-off. CBD oil and topicals interact with receptors in the body to reduce the overall perception of pain. This helps golfers experience fast recovery time and focus on the game at hand.