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Pain Relief

CBD Topical Cream for Joint & Muscle Pain Relief

Made with Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride, Organic Vitamin E and Shea Butter to enhance and activate the analgesic compounds for a fast acting topical remedy for arthritis, joints muscles and nerve pain. Our proven Full Spectrum and THC-Free CBD topical pain cream offers both a warming and cooling sensation.  

There is no limit to what you can do when you cool your aches and pains, 1218 has formulated a cold therapy pain relief cream for sore muscles, backaches, sore joints and arthritis. Overcome the aches and get back to your best self with our clinically produced topical pain relief solution.

Get rid of your day-to-day discomfort at the source with CBD topicals from 1218 Wellness. Our CBD ointment is made with a harmonious blend of organic essential oils rich in terpene and other natural emollients to help relieve muscle discomfort, nerve pain, arthritis and many other conditions. Check out all of our CBD cream for sale — shipping is free on all domestic purchases!

The Many Benefits of CBD Lotion

With a CBD topical solution like lotion or cream, you can directly target the areas of your body that are causing you pain or discomfort. That’s because CBD cream is anti-inflammatory and a great pain reliever. For example, if your knee is hurting after a workout, you can apply topical CBD oil for quick relief. Additionally, CBD lotion acts just like any other moisturizer to nurture your skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated all year round. Make CBD ointment part of your self-care routine in more ways than one, by using it to not only reduce pain, but also increase your relaxation and sense of wellbeing.

The 1218 Difference

On top of developing topical CBD products at an elevated standard, 1218 Wellness is committed to providing CBD education, based in science and facts, about the many benefits of cannabinoids. This focus on health, wellness and education translates directly into our products to help our customers achieve a better quality of life. For topical CBD products you can trust, always turn to 1218 Wellness.

Full Spectrum vs. Isolate CBD Cream

Full Spectrum CBD ointment is derived from hemp through full plant extraction. It includes trace amounts of THC (<0.3%), along with terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals and proteins from the hemp source, which can work in conjunction with the CBD to enhance its effectiveness.


To create an Isolate, all molecules aside from CBD are removed from a Full Spectrum extract. What remains is a very pure product of at least 99% CBD and 0.0% THC.

CBD Topical FAQ

Have questions about how to use CBD cream or how topical CBD products work? 1218 Wellness is here to help. 

Will CBD Cream Make Me Feel High?

No. In cannabis, there are two main kinds of cannabinoids: CBD and THC. THC is psychoactive, meaning it causes the sensation of being “high.” CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive. Our products are derived from industrial hemp, which has only trace amounts of THC, and they have tested at or under 0.3% THC. In other words, there should be no psychoactive effects from using our products.

Will Topical CBD Oil Influence Drug Test Results?

Drug tests screen for THC, which is the psychoactive component of cannabis. However, because Full Spectrum CBD topicals contain trace amounts of THC, they may cause a positive result in a blood or urine screening, especially if you’ve been using them in high doses. If you are concerned about testing positive, you may want to stick with Isolate products, which contain 0.0% THC, and exercise caution when using Full Spectrum products.

How Do I Use CBD Ointment?

Simple! Start by applying a single pump of our Full Spectrum or Isolate CBD lotions to the area causing you discomfort. Rub it in fully and, if you are still experiencing discomfort (or couldn’t cover the full area), use another pump.

Aside from CBD, What Ingredients are Used in Your CBD Lotions?

Other beneficial ingredients in our CBD topicals include Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. These active organic ingredients are great for your skin and help enhance the positive effects of the CBD.

How Should I Store My CBD Cream?

Like most other lotions, it’s best to store your CBD topicals away from extreme heat and direct sunlight so they don’t lose their potency. Somewhere cool and dark, like a storage drawer or medicine cabinet, would be perfect.

Understanding CBD Topicals

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