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What is a CBD Tincture?

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is one of the many cannabinoid molecules found in a cannabis plant. While CBD doesn’t produce the “high” that is often associated with THC, it does have a wide variety of medical and therapeutic applications.

A CBD tincture is just one of the many forms in which you can take CBD oil. CBD tincture oil is produced by steeping cannabis flowers or isolates in high-proof grain alcohol. Low heat is then applied for a span of time, allowing the active compounds in the cannabis to infuse into the neutral spirit. This creates a potent oil that delivers the health benefits of cannabinoid molecules without having to smoke anything.

Is a CBD Tincture the Same as CBD Oil?

While CBD tinctures and CBD oil both offer discreet ingestion methods, have the same health benefits and provide no psychoactive impacts, there are four distinct differences that set CBD tinctures apart.

  1. The Base. CBD oil’s base is usually cannabidiol. In contrast, a CBD tincture uses an alcohol base. An alcohol base allows you to more easily mix your tincture into foods and beverages. It also helps to preserve your tincture and lengthen its shelf life.
  2. The Taste. Straight CBD oil often has an oily, unpleasant taste when taken under the tongue. But CBD tincture oil is usually available in an assortment of tasty flavors to offer variety to consumers.
  3. The Means of Ingestion. CBD oil is often taken using a vape (since the taste isn’t great). But a CBD tincture can be easily ingested by taking it orally or mixing it into food or beverages.
  4. The Shelf Life. Because CBD tinctures are made of alcohol, which acts as a preservative, they often last much longer than CBD oil. To extend the shelf life even more, avoid storing your CBD tincture in direct sunlight.

What Are the Uses for CBD Tinctures?

Do CBD tinctures work? Researchers, scientists and medical professionals around the world are still discovering CBD’s full range of abilities in treating a variety of conditions. But currently, the research has been promising. The most beneficial use of CBD tinctures is for pain relief. Numerous studies have found CBD to have both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it extremely useful in the treatment of acute pain and chronic conditions. The full list of benefits of CBD tinctures is long and varied but tinctures have been found to potentially aid in the relief of various ailments such as

      • Chronic pain
      • Arthritis or joint pain
      • Anxiety and depression
      • Sleep
      • Migraines and headaches
      • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
      • Nausea
      • Allergies or asthma
      • Epilepsy and some seizure disorders

Please Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA nor are they meant to suggest having curative effects. You should always consult your primary health care physician or pharmacist prior to taking CBD tincture oils to treat a medical condition.

How Do You Use a CBD Tincture?

Knowing how to use CBD tincture oil is fairly simple once you understand how the body processes it. When dropped under the tongue, CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream through the thin skin under the tongue. Because it’s bypassing the digestive system, it can start working in just a few minutes. When ingested orally through food or a beverage, CBD tincture oil is absorbed by the digestive system. From the stomach, the compounds enter the hepatic portal system and are then carried to the liver. With this method, however, it may take a little longer to feel the effects of the CBD tincture.

When taking a CBD tincture, always read the suggested CBD dosage on the label first, then simply drop that amount under your tongue, holding it there for 60 seconds before swallowing. Holding it under your tongue helps your body absorb the CBD faster. But while this method is quick and easy, it’s not for everyone. Some people don’t like the taste of CBD tinctures, and that’s OK. A huge benefit to tinctures is that they can be mixed into food and beverages. Just keep in mind that cannabidiol tends to break down at higher temperatures.

When is the Right Time to Take CBD?

There is no one right time for when to take CBD tincture oil. Some people take it every morning and some take it as needed or when pain arises. It’s all based on your preferences and needs. Start with one or two drops and work your way up as needed over time. We suggest that you avoid exceeding 150mg per day. While there are no negative effects from taking more than that, such a high amount is not necessary and will cause you to go through your CBD tincture oil at a rapid pace.

How Long Does It Take for CBD Tinctures to Work?

The pain relief that comes with using 1218 Wellness CBD tincture oil can usually be felt in 15 minutes or less after taking it. But if you’re adding tinctures to a food or beverage, note that it will take a little longer for you to feel the effects. The effects of CBD tinctures typically last anywhere from two to eight hours, depending on the CBD dosage.

Can CBD Tinctures Be Used Topically?

While not common, CBD tinctures can be applied topically and have been found to have the same effect as topical products. But if you plan to use CBD topically on a regular basis, a product designed to be applied this way, like CBD topicals, will be more convenient and comfortable as they’re specially designed for this use.

Experience the Unmatched Quality of CBD Tinctures from 1218 Wellness

At 1218 Wellness, pure production standards are a cornerstone of our company’s values. Because of this, our proprietary CBD products and CBD tincture oils are grown entirely in the US and third-party tested to meet and exceed compliance standards. Find efficient and effective relief from pain and inflammation with premium CBD products from 1218 Wellness. Shop CBD tinctures, topicals and more today.

Understanding CBD Tinctures

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